Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rich Girl by Carol Culver

Victoria Lee lives alone in her parents' McMansion. She can do anything she wants without her parents knowing. Most high school juniors at Manderley Prep would be throwing parties constantly, but not Victoria. Victoria's trying to hook Steve Heller so she throws a party and sends him and invite and hopes that he comes. The night of the party it's almost 2 hours after the party was supposed to begin and everyone finally starts to show up including Steve and the water polo team. Steve and his friends show up already partially drunk and when Victoria sees him she also sees that someone brought a keg. Victoria doesn't know half that came to her party, but she does know she wants them out.

Victoria's annoying chemistry partner Gabe who would be hot if he just cut the hair that hung in his face constantly. Gabe likes to lecture Victoria about the emissions that her car is putting into the air. Gabe even goes to the car wash that Victoria signed up to do for the community service that each Manderley student is required to do to graduate. Gabe goes to the car was to lecture her on the pollution she is putting into the environment by useing detergent to wash the cars. Victoria learns that behind the annoying lectures Gabe is very artistic and is good at chemistry too.

Rich Girl is the second in the series of BFF novels. The first one was Manderley Prep. When I first started reading the series I didn't really like it. It took a while to get into but after I got into the series I really enjoyed them. So far Rich Girl would have to be my favorite but I still have one more to read which is called The Guy Next Door it sounds pretty interesting from the title. From what I read of this series they are love stories. The first one is kind of like a Cinderella type book. The second one I can't compare it to anything off the top of my head.

As for the characters my favorite girl would have to be Victoria and my favorite guy would have to be Gabe. I like Gabe because he's artistic, smart, he cares about the Earth, and he's hot. Most of the people in these books are really rich and Gabe is one of the poorer people stuck with all the rich snobby people. Victoria is interesting because she may not be the smartest girl in the school but she's deep, artistic (she likes to draw clothing and wants to become a designer), and she isn't wild (even though she has the house to herself she doesn't throw any wild parties or anything). In general I like the books especially since it's not written about the popular girls at Manderley Prep, it's written in the point of view of the unpopular girls. I liked to read about the unpopular girls in my opinion they are much more deep and more interesting overall.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Meme

I was tagged by Hillary for this meme. Thanks!

Rules of the tag:
- Link to the person who tagged you
- List 6 things that make you happy
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6 Things That Make Me Happy!

1) Reading books for fun ( some of the books they pick for us to read in school are so boring)
2) Soccer with Teal Wave and Cougars
3) Summer weather
4) Guys
5) Shopping
6) Playing Rock Band 2

I Tag:
Anyone who hasn't done it yet, because like my sister Hillary said I got this at the end and since repeating things is annoying and boring I'll just put it out there that anyone who wants to do it that hasn't can.

Okay well I got privilege today. I know it's so late and they are my favorite series so I was about to buy Privilege at Borders a few time but I held back so my mom wouldn't have to buy it twice even though she accidentally pre-ordered it with Envy which Hillary got today so I didn't get it until Hillary got Envy. When I was on the bus today Hillary sent me a text with my book in the picture and I literally screamed and everyone was asking me why I screamed. Privilege is obviously the next on my to read pile. I'm so excited to read it and when the others in the series come out I'm not going to get them a month after all the other people who are weirdly obsessed with that series like I am.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Clique Summer Collection - Kristen by Lisi Harrison

As you all know if you read the series Kristen isn't the richest girl in the Pretty Committee,shes actually the poorest. So while the rest of the her friends are out on vacations during the summer she's stuck at home tutor-sitting Ripple. While she's tutor-sitting Ripple she meets Dune, Ripple's hot older brother. Dune is one of the only guys that Kristen knows that understands how it is to not be rich. Dune's down to earth character draws Kristen in. Massie on the other hand doesn't like the fact the Kristen is crushing on Dune. When Kristen develops a huge crush on Dune she starts to hang out at GAS with him and his skater friends.

Kristen gets Ripple's advice on how to dress to impress Dune in exchange for information about Massie's shopping techniques. Ripple has Kristen dress in baggy gray shorts and a red sweatshirt which by the way is a bad choice because of the hot weather. When Kristen shows up at GAS the day she wears that outfit the one and only Skye Hamilton is there and flirting with Dune, but the thing that makes her mad is that she's wearing the dress that Kristen wanted to buy instead of the baggy unworthy clothes she was told that Dune would love so much. Will Kristen get Dune? and more importantly is what she's going to do make or break their relationship?

I'm just going to put it out there that I'm not much of a fan of these books. Now you're probably wondering why I read it if I didn't like the others. Well it's simple I had to do a review for my Language Arts class at school and figured since I was writing the review anyway why not put it on my blog, even though the one on here is way better than the one for school. On that note I actually didn't mind this one that much. I would recommend this book to people who read the rest of the series and liked them which is probably almost every girl in 8th grade to 6th grade.

Kristen would have to be my favorite character becaus
e she's not rich and stuck up like the rest. Even though Massie didn't like Dune she didn't toss him off to the side like Massie said to do. That proves that she's not just going to do something because Massie said to. She did it because she wanted to and she didn't care what Massie said. Kristen was actually my favorite character from the beginning of the series. You're probably wondering why aren't you. Well I liked her because she plays soccer and she's smart and athletic.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off the Trails by Emily Franklin

What more could Dove want she's finally going to see William again after months apart and be away from the cold for a while... well a job and a home would also help. Reunited with William isn't as great as she thought it would be. Dove had pictured them reuniting so many different times and is shocked that there isn't so much happiness when it finally happens. What she doesn't know is that her heart is in the wrong place and so is she.

Escaped from Les Trois Melissa's clothingless, loveless, jobless, and homeless. First thing to deal with is her lack of clothing. Dove insists on using her parent's off-limits charge account at Pulse a cool boutique that Dove told her about. While she is at Pulse Melissa is shopping and this assistant keeps insisting that she goes into a dressing room to try on the things that she decided to purchase, and when Melissa finds out it's Harley she's ecstatic. When love drops in Melissa notices that her heart's in the right place and so is she.

It's not Harley's first day on the island and not her first job when she meets up with Melissa when Melissa gets to Nevis and goes to Pulse to get some clothes since the airline lost hers. Harley's got a secret love and Melissa and Dove want to know about him and more importantly, HIS NAME! Harley is throwing a birthday party for Melissa and she needs a dress so she borrows a dress from Pulse and throws the party on this peir not thinking that she could loose her job and end up in debt. Emmy Taylor Harley's boss's daughter and someone who just happened to see her at the party wearing a dress that she didn't buy, Emmy tells her mother and causes Harley's job to be lost and $1500 in debt because she didn't properly rent the peir for Melissa's party. The constant fling Harley has with danger might mean the end of her job circuit, her relationship, and one of her friendships.

I've read the whole series so far and they are really good. There's never a dull moment in this series. I got the first book over the summer maybe a year or two ago and I was wanting to get the rest of the series to read, and was happy when I finally got it for Christmas this year. I'm hoping that she writes another one in this series because I really enjoyed the first three. I highly encourage any girl to read this book, and I say girl because I don't think that any guy would be interested in reading this, but it's a great read for a girl. I really liked this book.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slippery Slopes by Emily Franklin

Lily, AKA Dove, and Melissa are working at Les Trois, which is a skiing resort in the French Alpes. Harley is away in Nevis with the family they hosted at the chalet.
What could go wrong? A lot.

Lily de Rothschild, Dove, is a former society girl until her parents kicked her out of her cushy life because she fell in love with William and wanted to go with him. Dove has been working at the ski resort since the beginning of the skiing season and is saving up money to go to Nevis. William is working in Nevis and Dove has to save her tips and the money she gets from the resort for the plane ticket and their life when she gets to Nevis on New Years, to be with William. Her ex-boyfriend Max was the last family that stayed at the Chalet that she is working in and he said he would stay in the Alpes or go to Nevis with his family all Dave had to do was say what she wanted him to do.

Melissa is confused by the love triangle that she has with Gabe Schroeder and James Marks-Benton, who are both world class skiers, and who both "like" Melissa, at least thats what she thinks. Melissa breaks her ribs and has to go to the infirmary after trying to do a trick on the infamous rope on a closed trail. When she wakes up in the infirmary she finds that she isn't alone, Gabe came and stayed with her the whole time she was there with her 2 broken ribs. Melissa has to supervise the painting on the ice pond and plan the Winter Wonderland Ball. She's determined to make the ball the most memerable one of all, too.

Harley is away with Max's family catering to their needs in Nevis. She writes postcards and urgent faxes but never hears anything back from Dove and Melissa. She thinks that they are mad at her but turns out they aren't and they just weren't getting the postcards or faxes. Turns out that it's not all fun in the sun, Harley has troubles with the family and ends up jobless and penniless, until she meets a most likely soon to be celebrity chef and start to work as a hostess at his restaurant.

This is the 2nd in a series and was good along with the first one. I'm reading the last one right now and fromm what I've read along with the other two this is a great series. It's not a book about rich girls who are going to the ski resort as vacationers it's about the things that go on behind the scenes with the maids and the cooks and the hosts of the chalets. It's a great book and is a quick read when you get into it like I did, I read it in 2 days.

Emily Franklin also wrote the Principles of Love series and I have 2 in the middle of the series and am looking forward to getting the rest of it so that I can read it. From what I've read Emily Franklin is a great author, and I highly encourage people to read the books she's written. Personally I can't wait for the next one in the Chalet girls series to come out, and I'm hoping it'll come out soon.

At Face Value by Emily Franklin

Cyrie Bergerac is charming and witty, but there's one thing that she thinks is keeping her from getting her crush, Eddie "Rox" Roxanninoff, her HUGE NOSE. Cyrie doesn't have many friends because people like to make fun of her huge nose, Leyla is one of the only people that don't make fun of Cyrie's nose, and is one of Cyrie's only friends. Leyla encourages Cyrie to go to a lot of the senior year parties and events so that she won't regret not going later in her life.

At the Night of Knights Cyrie and Leyla are talking to Eddie when Leyla runs off because of her nerves. Cyrie and Eddie look all over the school for Leyla but come up with nothing when they go to the drama room Eddie confesses that he likes Leyla but he doesn't know her well enough and he wants to get to know her better.

Cyrie tells Leyla and since Leyla is slightly tongue-tied but gorgeous they decide to e-mail Eddie so they make a new e-mail account so that they can both log on and Leyla can write the letters and Cyrie can edit them, since Cyrie is the editor of the paper, to make sure that Leyla spelled things right or that she used the right words or to add a few words here and there. What they don't notice is that this is going to be a horrible idea and it won't work as well as they thought it would.

I thought this book was great. It made me a little mad when Leyla got Eddie but in the end it all worked out. I'm glad that I saw this book up for being renewed on BookDivas even though I didn't get it through there, that's how I found out about it and I'm glad I did.

Even though Cyrie had all these witty comments for when someone insulted her nose or even hinted about it's size and was pretty nasty when it came to throwing those insults at the people, she was pretty much a character who meant good but couldn't show it as well because of the center of her face. Cyrie doesn't want to be friends with the people that insult her, and I don't blame her for that neither would I, so she only has a few friends and she knows that those people who don't make fun of her nose are the people she really wants to be friends with not the vapid popular people who do make fun of her. I liked Cyrie she wasn't like one of the girls that are so pretty and vapid that they get whatever they want, she was smart and not the prettiest but if she didn't have the huge nose thing going on she would have been pretty.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian

Ever have a friend who's boyfriend you can't stand but even when he royally messes up with her she just goes right back to him? Well Vivi, Lane, and Curtis have this problem with their best friend Isabelle who keeps going back to Shaun Luttig who has broken her heart numerous times, but this time Vivi is going to show Isabelle that there are other better guys out there.

Prom's 3 weeks away when Izzy and Shaun break up again after Izzy saw Shaun cheating on her with Tricia Blank. Vivi doesn't want Shaun to mess up prom for Izzy like he ruined her birthday by getting into an accident in her new car. To prevent her from going to prom with him Vivi and Lane come up with Operation Skewer Sluttig. Operation Skewer Sluttig involves Vivi and Lane make up a fake guy to show Izzy that there are guys who will respect her. When Izzy starts talking to Brandon, the guy they made up, Vivi and Lane instantly notice that she is getting much happier during school after talking to him almost every night. Izzy soon decides that this is the guy she wants to got to prom with even though he lives 2 1/2 hours away from her in Connecticut.

Vivi and Lane then have to find a guy who is so hot that Izzy won't be able to resist him. After failing at their first destination where the guys were hot but shallower than a puddle Vivi, Lane, and Curtis get the idea of going to Vivi's mom's auditions for Bye Bye Birdie which should be full of teens guys. Vivi, Lane, and Curtis meet Jonathan and persuade him to be their Brandon and take Izzy to prom for $300. For all Vivi knows Jonathan is the perfect guy for Izzy, but she doesn't notice that she could be making the biggest mistake of her life setting Izzy up with Jonathan.

I loved this book, like I love all of the other books that she wrote that I read. If I were Izzy I would have killed my friends by the time prom came around. Vivi was the pushy one that thought of the idea and I thought she was funny. Lane was a pushover but when they got her to speak her mind and not say yes to everything she was kind of hilarious I especially liked when she was in the car and yelling like a maniac.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was that it didn't have just one set main character it was kind of based on 4 people, but I got used to that easily. I would definitely recommend Fake Boyfriend to anyone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Not to be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler

Sugar Magnolia Dempsey, aka Maggie, is always moving from one state to another never staying in one state for more that about eight months. Maggie is moving from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas this time and she's not excited about leaving behind another group of friends that will probably stop talking to her after a few months of her move. To stop the endless losses of friends Maggie decides to be so uncool any smart person would want to stay away from her. Maggie is going to begin Operation Avoid Friends (OAF) when she starts her new school.

On the first day of school Maggie goes in just her normal clothes and meets Miles who is one of the most popular guys in the school. Maggie also meets Caitlyn, Shanna, and Sharla who are part of the Austin Belles. Since Maggie is trying to stay away from the popular crowd she ignores Miles, and decides her normal clothes have to change and she'll have to totally commit to wearing the ugliest outfits she can find from the store her dad is running for his one friend.

Even though Maggie is dressing like a total moron she meets friends that she thinks she won't miss when she leaves for her next destination, but she starts to like the people that she would have avoided if she wanted to be popular. Maggie now has to avoid Miles and the Austin Belles to keep her plan in motion while trying not to get close to the people that don't care about her clothes.

I thought that How Not to be Popular was a great book and I would recommend it to anyone. Maggie was a really interesting character. I thought some of the things she came up with to avoid getting hurt and losing more friends were hilarious. I loved that Maggie was never afraid to do something completely weird like dive into a duck pond with all of her clothes on. Maggie is full of spunk and is a really lovable character.

New YA Book Reviewer!

I am a YA book reviewer and this is my new blog that I have created to post my reviews of the books I read.

Some of my favorite books include:

  1. The Private Series by Kate Brian
  2. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
  3. How Not To Be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler
  4. The Midnighters Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld
  5. Exit Here by Jason Myers
My older sister also has a ya book review blog, The Book Reader, which was the inspiration for my blog. (She's actually helping me a lot with the blog and probably will be for the first few months since she's been using blogger for awhile now and knows how things work.)