Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Clique Summer Collection - Kristen by Lisi Harrison

As you all know if you read the series Kristen isn't the richest girl in the Pretty Committee,shes actually the poorest. So while the rest of the her friends are out on vacations during the summer she's stuck at home tutor-sitting Ripple. While she's tutor-sitting Ripple she meets Dune, Ripple's hot older brother. Dune is one of the only guys that Kristen knows that understands how it is to not be rich. Dune's down to earth character draws Kristen in. Massie on the other hand doesn't like the fact the Kristen is crushing on Dune. When Kristen develops a huge crush on Dune she starts to hang out at GAS with him and his skater friends.

Kristen gets Ripple's advice on how to dress to impress Dune in exchange for information about Massie's shopping techniques. Ripple has Kristen dress in baggy gray shorts and a red sweatshirt which by the way is a bad choice because of the hot weather. When Kristen shows up at GAS the day she wears that outfit the one and only Skye Hamilton is there and flirting with Dune, but the thing that makes her mad is that she's wearing the dress that Kristen wanted to buy instead of the baggy unworthy clothes she was told that Dune would love so much. Will Kristen get Dune? and more importantly is what she's going to do make or break their relationship?

I'm just going to put it out there that I'm not much of a fan of these books. Now you're probably wondering why I read it if I didn't like the others. Well it's simple I had to do a review for my Language Arts class at school and figured since I was writing the review anyway why not put it on my blog, even though the one on here is way better than the one for school. On that note I actually didn't mind this one that much. I would recommend this book to people who read the rest of the series and liked them which is probably almost every girl in 8th grade to 6th grade.

Kristen would have to be my favorite character becaus
e she's not rich and stuck up like the rest. Even though Massie didn't like Dune she didn't toss him off to the side like Massie said to do. That proves that she's not just going to do something because Massie said to. She did it because she wanted to and she didn't care what Massie said. Kristen was actually my favorite character from the beginning of the series. You're probably wondering why aren't you. Well I liked her because she plays soccer and she's smart and athletic.


  1. I love the Clique! And Kristen is my favorite character, too. She's just so much more down to earth. I really liked this one, despite the semi-shallow plot--Lisi is a great writer! (:

  2. I read this. My little sister just finished it. The summer ones kinda suck compared to the real ones. I only have Claire left but Alicia was a tad boring...

  3. Hey, Laurel! I tagged you for something on my blog so go check that out.

    You're welcome....and you really need to read faster. I want Privilege!

  4. Can someone tell about the conflicts that happen in the story(Conflicts with her self, another individual, nature, society)