Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian

Ever have a friend who's boyfriend you can't stand but even when he royally messes up with her she just goes right back to him? Well Vivi, Lane, and Curtis have this problem with their best friend Isabelle who keeps going back to Shaun Luttig who has broken her heart numerous times, but this time Vivi is going to show Isabelle that there are other better guys out there.

Prom's 3 weeks away when Izzy and Shaun break up again after Izzy saw Shaun cheating on her with Tricia Blank. Vivi doesn't want Shaun to mess up prom for Izzy like he ruined her birthday by getting into an accident in her new car. To prevent her from going to prom with him Vivi and Lane come up with Operation Skewer Sluttig. Operation Skewer Sluttig involves Vivi and Lane make up a fake guy to show Izzy that there are guys who will respect her. When Izzy starts talking to Brandon, the guy they made up, Vivi and Lane instantly notice that she is getting much happier during school after talking to him almost every night. Izzy soon decides that this is the guy she wants to got to prom with even though he lives 2 1/2 hours away from her in Connecticut.

Vivi and Lane then have to find a guy who is so hot that Izzy won't be able to resist him. After failing at their first destination where the guys were hot but shallower than a puddle Vivi, Lane, and Curtis get the idea of going to Vivi's mom's auditions for Bye Bye Birdie which should be full of teens guys. Vivi, Lane, and Curtis meet Jonathan and persuade him to be their Brandon and take Izzy to prom for $300. For all Vivi knows Jonathan is the perfect guy for Izzy, but she doesn't notice that she could be making the biggest mistake of her life setting Izzy up with Jonathan.

I loved this book, like I love all of the other books that she wrote that I read. If I were Izzy I would have killed my friends by the time prom came around. Vivi was the pushy one that thought of the idea and I thought she was funny. Lane was a pushover but when they got her to speak her mind and not say yes to everything she was kind of hilarious I especially liked when she was in the car and yelling like a maniac.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was that it didn't have just one set main character it was kind of based on 4 people, but I got used to that easily. I would definitely recommend Fake Boyfriend to anyone.


  1. Good job Laurel. You listened to me.

    How do you get this box in here? You'll have to show me.

    BTW, I'm reading this when I finish my stacks.

  2. Hey, put your new review up. I know you finished that book so do it! And review Handcuffs too!

    Oh btw, good luck at soccer tomorrow, I could go back and tell you, but I'd rather not.