Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Meme

I was tagged by Hillary for this meme. Thanks!

Rules of the tag:
- Link to the person who tagged you
- List 6 things that make you happy
- Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did so
- Then tell the person who tagged you your entry is finished!

6 Things That Make Me Happy!

1) Reading books for fun ( some of the books they pick for us to read in school are so boring)
2) Soccer with Teal Wave and Cougars
3) Summer weather
4) Guys
5) Shopping
6) Playing Rock Band 2

I Tag:
Anyone who hasn't done it yet, because like my sister Hillary said I got this at the end and since repeating things is annoying and boring I'll just put it out there that anyone who wants to do it that hasn't can.

Okay well I got privilege today. I know it's so late and they are my favorite series so I was about to buy Privilege at Borders a few time but I held back so my mom wouldn't have to buy it twice even though she accidentally pre-ordered it with Envy which Hillary got today so I didn't get it until Hillary got Envy. When I was on the bus today Hillary sent me a text with my book in the picture and I literally screamed and everyone was asking me why I screamed. Privilege is obviously the next on my to read pile. I'm so excited to read it and when the others in the series come out I'm not going to get them a month after all the other people who are weirdly obsessed with that series like I am.


  1. I haven't read any of the PRIVATE books but they sound good. Enjoy! (:

  2. The Private series would have to be one of my all time favorite series along with the Twilight saga. If you think you might want to read them I highly encourage you do they are awesome! =]