Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off the Trails by Emily Franklin

What more could Dove want she's finally going to see William again after months apart and be away from the cold for a while... well a job and a home would also help. Reunited with William isn't as great as she thought it would be. Dove had pictured them reuniting so many different times and is shocked that there isn't so much happiness when it finally happens. What she doesn't know is that her heart is in the wrong place and so is she.

Escaped from Les Trois Melissa's clothingless, loveless, jobless, and homeless. First thing to deal with is her lack of clothing. Dove insists on using her parent's off-limits charge account at Pulse a cool boutique that Dove told her about. While she is at Pulse Melissa is shopping and this assistant keeps insisting that she goes into a dressing room to try on the things that she decided to purchase, and when Melissa finds out it's Harley she's ecstatic. When love drops in Melissa notices that her heart's in the right place and so is she.

It's not Harley's first day on the island and not her first job when she meets up with Melissa when Melissa gets to Nevis and goes to Pulse to get some clothes since the airline lost hers. Harley's got a secret love and Melissa and Dove want to know about him and more importantly, HIS NAME! Harley is throwing a birthday party for Melissa and she needs a dress so she borrows a dress from Pulse and throws the party on this peir not thinking that she could loose her job and end up in debt. Emmy Taylor Harley's boss's daughter and someone who just happened to see her at the party wearing a dress that she didn't buy, Emmy tells her mother and causes Harley's job to be lost and $1500 in debt because she didn't properly rent the peir for Melissa's party. The constant fling Harley has with danger might mean the end of her job circuit, her relationship, and one of her friendships.

I've read the whole series so far and they are really good. There's never a dull moment in this series. I got the first book over the summer maybe a year or two ago and I was wanting to get the rest of the series to read, and was happy when I finally got it for Christmas this year. I'm hoping that she writes another one in this series because I really enjoyed the first three. I highly encourage any girl to read this book, and I say girl because I don't think that any guy would be interested in reading this, but it's a great read for a girl. I really liked this book.


  1. I just got Balancing Act. Is that the first one?

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