Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rich Girl by Carol Culver

Victoria Lee lives alone in her parents' McMansion. She can do anything she wants without her parents knowing. Most high school juniors at Manderley Prep would be throwing parties constantly, but not Victoria. Victoria's trying to hook Steve Heller so she throws a party and sends him and invite and hopes that he comes. The night of the party it's almost 2 hours after the party was supposed to begin and everyone finally starts to show up including Steve and the water polo team. Steve and his friends show up already partially drunk and when Victoria sees him she also sees that someone brought a keg. Victoria doesn't know half that came to her party, but she does know she wants them out.

Victoria's annoying chemistry partner Gabe who would be hot if he just cut the hair that hung in his face constantly. Gabe likes to lecture Victoria about the emissions that her car is putting into the air. Gabe even goes to the car wash that Victoria signed up to do for the community service that each Manderley student is required to do to graduate. Gabe goes to the car was to lecture her on the pollution she is putting into the environment by useing detergent to wash the cars. Victoria learns that behind the annoying lectures Gabe is very artistic and is good at chemistry too.

Rich Girl is the second in the series of BFF novels. The first one was Manderley Prep. When I first started reading the series I didn't really like it. It took a while to get into but after I got into the series I really enjoyed them. So far Rich Girl would have to be my favorite but I still have one more to read which is called The Guy Next Door it sounds pretty interesting from the title. From what I read of this series they are love stories. The first one is kind of like a Cinderella type book. The second one I can't compare it to anything off the top of my head.

As for the characters my favorite girl would have to be Victoria and my favorite guy would have to be Gabe. I like Gabe because he's artistic, smart, he cares about the Earth, and he's hot. Most of the people in these books are really rich and Gabe is one of the poorer people stuck with all the rich snobby people. Victoria is interesting because she may not be the smartest girl in the school but she's deep, artistic (she likes to draw clothing and wants to become a designer), and she isn't wild (even though she has the house to herself she doesn't throw any wild parties or anything). In general I like the books especially since it's not written about the popular girls at Manderley Prep, it's written in the point of view of the unpopular girls. I liked to read about the unpopular girls in my opinion they are much more deep and more interesting overall.

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