Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slippery Slopes by Emily Franklin

Lily, AKA Dove, and Melissa are working at Les Trois, which is a skiing resort in the French Alpes. Harley is away in Nevis with the family they hosted at the chalet.
What could go wrong? A lot.

Lily de Rothschild, Dove, is a former society girl until her parents kicked her out of her cushy life because she fell in love with William and wanted to go with him. Dove has been working at the ski resort since the beginning of the skiing season and is saving up money to go to Nevis. William is working in Nevis and Dove has to save her tips and the money she gets from the resort for the plane ticket and their life when she gets to Nevis on New Years, to be with William. Her ex-boyfriend Max was the last family that stayed at the Chalet that she is working in and he said he would stay in the Alpes or go to Nevis with his family all Dave had to do was say what she wanted him to do.

Melissa is confused by the love triangle that she has with Gabe Schroeder and James Marks-Benton, who are both world class skiers, and who both "like" Melissa, at least thats what she thinks. Melissa breaks her ribs and has to go to the infirmary after trying to do a trick on the infamous rope on a closed trail. When she wakes up in the infirmary she finds that she isn't alone, Gabe came and stayed with her the whole time she was there with her 2 broken ribs. Melissa has to supervise the painting on the ice pond and plan the Winter Wonderland Ball. She's determined to make the ball the most memerable one of all, too.

Harley is away with Max's family catering to their needs in Nevis. She writes postcards and urgent faxes but never hears anything back from Dove and Melissa. She thinks that they are mad at her but turns out they aren't and they just weren't getting the postcards or faxes. Turns out that it's not all fun in the sun, Harley has troubles with the family and ends up jobless and penniless, until she meets a most likely soon to be celebrity chef and start to work as a hostess at his restaurant.

This is the 2nd in a series and was good along with the first one. I'm reading the last one right now and fromm what I've read along with the other two this is a great series. It's not a book about rich girls who are going to the ski resort as vacationers it's about the things that go on behind the scenes with the maids and the cooks and the hosts of the chalets. It's a great book and is a quick read when you get into it like I did, I read it in 2 days.

Emily Franklin also wrote the Principles of Love series and I have 2 in the middle of the series and am looking forward to getting the rest of it so that I can read it. From what I've read Emily Franklin is a great author, and I highly encourage people to read the books she's written. Personally I can't wait for the next one in the Chalet girls series to come out, and I'm hoping it'll come out soon.

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