Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sealed With a Diss by Lisi Harrison

The Pretty Committee finally has the key to the secret room at OCD. But there's a twist, the have some challenges that they have to go through before they get to keep the secret room for 8th grade at OCD. One of those challenges is for the biggest party of the year, Skye Hamilton's end of 8th grade party. The girls all have to find HART guys to go as the guy to their celebrity couple that they pick. Massie has an added challenge that she has to set in motion though, she has to get Chris Abeley like Skye by her party and make Chris the Brad to Skye's Angie.

The girls are going through a major breakdown not knowing if they will be able to get dates to the party. Good thing they have the extra special device in the secret room. This extra device will make them boy-experts and help to get them dates for this very important party if they could just get into the room before the party. Will the Pretty Committee get into the room early? Will they all get dates? Will Massie get Chris to fall for Skye before the party?

So as you all know from my last Clique review I'm not a huge fan of these books. My opinion on these is that they are shallow. I didn't hate this one though it would have to be one of the better books in the baseline series. My two better liked ones are Sealed With a Diss and Kristen in the summer collection. I read this for another book review because the library at school does not have many good books believe me. If you have already read them and liked them i would recommend Sealed With a Diss to you but if you haven't read them I recommend you read a less shallow book and I guarantee you will like it better.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paradise Lost Release!

Paradise Lost was released today! I got it yesterday at Wal-Mart (I AM MAD AT Wal-Mart FOR RELEASING IT EARLY =[). My mom got it for me while I was at soccer and then she didn't tell me until we got home 30 minutes later, I obviously was very happy I got it though because I didn't think I would get it until this weekend. From what I know the series will have at least 14 books in it. Plus the run off series Privilege will have the second book Beautiful Disaster coming out in about 97 days. There is also the prequel also starring Ariana which is called Last Christmas.

Congratulations to Kate Brian/Keiran Scott on her 9th book in the Private series and her upcoming book Beautiful Disaster.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Guy Next Door by Carol Culver

Maggie has always wanted Ethan Andrews but with her braces and glasses she's afraid he'll never want her. On top of her worries about Ethan her parents are getting divorced and she has to move away from the posh neighborhood and her childhood home. It's not just the fabulous house that she will miss, it's Ethan. Maggie has lived next to Ethan for her whole life up until this divorce, and Ethan and her were best friends because of Maggie's competitive and athletic nature.

Maggie doesn't have the funds that she did before the divorce so she has to work. On top of having no funds her father is complaining about Maggie and her mother's excessive spending habits. Maggie gets the makeover of a lifetime before the class trip to Hawaii. This could not be a more perfect opportunity to win Ethan's heart.

Will Ethan like Maggie's new looks or will he go for another of the girls? More importantly will Maggie even have the guts to go after Ethan? Will Maggie go after him on the Hawaii trip or will she miss her chance and loose him forever?

This book is the 3rd in the Manderley Prep series. The series is a little dull at the beginning to tell you the truth I didn't like the books at the beginning but I read through and I ended up really liking them. The first one I kind of compared to Cinderella because the first one is pretty much a twist on the old Cinderella tale, the main character is even named Cindy. The second one I kind of compared to beauty and the beast because Victoria was a beauty queen, Miss Junior Hong Kong to be exact, and she fell for Gabe who is the environment obsessed child of her housekeeper. Now this one I haven't quite figured out which disney princess this is like but I'm sure I will.

If you're thinking that the disney princess-like plot isn't your thing, you should try reading it first. So far I don't know of any other books in the series but I'll be sure to watch out for the possibility of a next one.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

So I went to a book store today and bought and got Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side signed. I'm posting pictures to show how obviously awesome this book is going to be.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Privilege by Kate Brian

Ariana's back.
Let's step into the fence of the Brenda T. Trumbull Correctional Facility for a second: the baggy prison clothes, the psychotic therapist, the fattening food, the dog. I bet your thinking why is sweet innocent well-educated Ariana there. Well, Ariana isn't that girl you thought she was. She's a murder. Ariana was taken to the Brenda T. because she murdered Thomas Pearson and attempted to murder Thomas's girlfriend Reed when she found out it was Ariana.

Ariana's been locked up for 2 years. Her cellmate Kaitlynn is the sweetest most innocent girl Ariana knows and Ariana has no clue how Kaitlynn could be put in the Brenda T. for being framed for the murder of the best friend's dad.

Ariana will do anything to get out and stay out. On the day that the inmates get to go out and watch the fireworks over Lake Page Ariana plans to slip out underneath a hole in the fence where she constantly threw food so that Rambo, the psychotic therapist's (Dr. Meloni's) dog, could dig the hole so that Ariana could slip through while everyone was occupied by the fireworks. Who knows if this plan will actually work but Ariana is hoping that it will and that she will never have to be in the Brenda T. again.

Well, this is my favorite series ever it even tops Twilight. Yes this series is that good. If your looking at them on the shelves and you haven't read one yet and you think that look majorly cliquish or gossip girly, and you don't like those books let me just tell you they are nothing like those books. These books are pretty much about girls who have a lot of money and who go to private school, but one little thing is different from the rest of the private schools and Easton Academy, Easton deals with several murders.

When my sister sent me a text with the picture of my book in it I literally screamed. I was really excited to read it, I refused to read anyone's review on it (no offense) because I wanted to figure it all out on my own. I actually held off about a month and didn't read a word of any other reviews on this, and let me say I'm glad I did held off because some of the things were pretty shocking and it was so much better finding those things out on my own. This month the next in the series comes out! It's called Paradise Lost and it looks just so amazing. Paradise Lost comes out on the 24th. When I get Paradise Lost I will surly be walking out of Borders with the biggest grin on my face.

Kate Brian has written several other books such as Fake Boyfriend, Sweet 16, Private Series, Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys, The Virginity Club, Lucky T, The Princess & the Pauper, and the NEW Privilege series. Kate Brian isn't her real name though. Her Real name is Keiran Scott. She wrote Geek Magnet and the Non-blonde Cheerleader series under her real name. I haven't gotten to read the non-blonde cheerleader series because I only have a non-blonde cheerleader in love but I'm going to get the rest of the series because it is sure to be a great book like all her others.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wintergirls contest

There is a Wintergirls contest being held at Hope's Bookshelf. Three people will win a copy of Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. Make sure to head over there and enter to win.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen is living in a household of 3 girls a goat and a cat. Katniss needs to hunt and trade to keep her family alive. Since the woods are forbidden for the people of the 12 districts to go into Katniss and Gale have to make sure not to let any people know that they are hunting in there.

It's reaping day! Two tributes will be picked to play in the anual Hunger Games that the capitol holds to keep the 12 districts in line. One girl and one boy ages 12-18 will be picked to participate in the games. Katniss makes sure to only let Prim, her 12 year old sister, put in only one slip. This obviously doesn't work though. Prim's name is pulled and Katniss can't let her go. Katniss volunteers to go for Prim.

When the games start Katniss has to survive and be the last one standing to return to her district living. Katniss sees a bow and arrow when the games are about to start. Although Katniss doesn't make it to the bow and arrow she does get a backpack filled with essential things that she needs to stay alive. Who knew the backpack she randomly grabbed could come in so much handy with it's sleeping bag, crackers, water bottle, and water purifying tablets. Katniss makes 2 alliances total. She also makes many enemies which are known as the careers. The careers are the people who train for the games in their districts, the districts who have careers are usually the districts that are bigger suck-ups to the capitol though.

I loved this book! It was amazing. Although part of the reason I read it was because it was recommended by Stephanie Meyer (who if you don't already know is the author of the amazing Twilight saga) on her website. It was also recommended to me by my sister Hillary, she said it was amazing. Now, I'm recommending it to everyone, because I thought it was so amazing and It's totally worth reading, so if you see it in a book store and you don't already have it I highly recommend you pick that book up. Then walk right up to the cashier to pay for it. Then you go home and read it. Trust me though, I don't normally tell people to do that so I guess this has to be a pretty amazing book if I'm telling you that.

I'm very excited for the release of Catching Fire which is the next in the series. This book is on my top favorite books along with Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, Private by Kate Brian, and How NOT to be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler. Even though sometimes this book made me sad and then happy, and it kind of made me feel bipolar (even though I'm not), I still loved it so much and I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out.