Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Guy Next Door by Carol Culver

Maggie has always wanted Ethan Andrews but with her braces and glasses she's afraid he'll never want her. On top of her worries about Ethan her parents are getting divorced and she has to move away from the posh neighborhood and her childhood home. It's not just the fabulous house that she will miss, it's Ethan. Maggie has lived next to Ethan for her whole life up until this divorce, and Ethan and her were best friends because of Maggie's competitive and athletic nature.

Maggie doesn't have the funds that she did before the divorce so she has to work. On top of having no funds her father is complaining about Maggie and her mother's excessive spending habits. Maggie gets the makeover of a lifetime before the class trip to Hawaii. This could not be a more perfect opportunity to win Ethan's heart.

Will Ethan like Maggie's new looks or will he go for another of the girls? More importantly will Maggie even have the guts to go after Ethan? Will Maggie go after him on the Hawaii trip or will she miss her chance and loose him forever?

This book is the 3rd in the Manderley Prep series. The series is a little dull at the beginning to tell you the truth I didn't like the books at the beginning but I read through and I ended up really liking them. The first one I kind of compared to Cinderella because the first one is pretty much a twist on the old Cinderella tale, the main character is even named Cindy. The second one I kind of compared to beauty and the beast because Victoria was a beauty queen, Miss Junior Hong Kong to be exact, and she fell for Gabe who is the environment obsessed child of her housekeeper. Now this one I haven't quite figured out which disney princess this is like but I'm sure I will.

If you're thinking that the disney princess-like plot isn't your thing, you should try reading it first. So far I don't know of any other books in the series but I'll be sure to watch out for the possibility of a next one.

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