Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sealed With a Diss by Lisi Harrison

The Pretty Committee finally has the key to the secret room at OCD. But there's a twist, the have some challenges that they have to go through before they get to keep the secret room for 8th grade at OCD. One of those challenges is for the biggest party of the year, Skye Hamilton's end of 8th grade party. The girls all have to find HART guys to go as the guy to their celebrity couple that they pick. Massie has an added challenge that she has to set in motion though, she has to get Chris Abeley like Skye by her party and make Chris the Brad to Skye's Angie.

The girls are going through a major breakdown not knowing if they will be able to get dates to the party. Good thing they have the extra special device in the secret room. This extra device will make them boy-experts and help to get them dates for this very important party if they could just get into the room before the party. Will the Pretty Committee get into the room early? Will they all get dates? Will Massie get Chris to fall for Skye before the party?

So as you all know from my last Clique review I'm not a huge fan of these books. My opinion on these is that they are shallow. I didn't hate this one though it would have to be one of the better books in the baseline series. My two better liked ones are Sealed With a Diss and Kristen in the summer collection. I read this for another book review because the library at school does not have many good books believe me. If you have already read them and liked them i would recommend Sealed With a Diss to you but if you haven't read them I recommend you read a less shallow book and I guarantee you will like it better.


  1. Love the Clique! But this one wasn't the best...

  2. I love the clique. I loved that book. My least favorite are the summer novels.

  3. Ewwww! I'd burn it but it's not yours. Hey, we should do that this summer! Burn your clique books on the deck! Sound good? (I think it's a wonderful idea...)

    JK...or am I?

  4. I haven't read them in a while so I don't really remember them but this is the farthest I've gone but I must say I love the cover designs.