Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Life will NEVER be the same
Melinda has the life of a typical sixteen year old. Although one of the most major things to happen that year is happening very soon. The moon is supposed to be hit by a meteor. As usual teachers are assigning massive amounts of homework about the moon. The moon is all anyone is talking about. Especially after the meteor hits the moon.

For some reason when Melinda looks at the sky after the meteor hit the moon, Melinda has the feeling that the moon looks just a little bit too big. Melinda just can't shake the topic of the moon especially with all the homework that is going to be due about it. This meteor hitting the moon is a huge disaster in the making.

While Melinda is in school it starts raining so bad that the kids can't learn or even stay in the classrooms. Melinda's mom comes to get her at school so that Melinda can help get groceries since the grocery store is selling huge carts filled with anything you can fit in for $100 each. What people don't know is that they will need to stock up with everything they can. Every little crumb and antibiotic counts when you are fighting for your life.

Melinda is going to have to face a very tough year and lets just hope that her, her two brothers, Jonny and Matt, Horton, her mom and Mrs. Nesbitt can survive the huge effects that the meteor has caused the earth to go through. It can't get that bad can it? It'll be over soon, right? Who knew that one event could change the life of every person in the world.

I picked up this book because I love the last name of the author. I mean it's so much fun to say. I have to say though that I'm glad that I picked it up. It's a great book. It's written like a diary. When I read books that are more like diarys I just feel more connected to the character. The things the character writing the diary makes you want to cry when she's going through hard times, punch something when she's mad, smile when she's happy, and laugh when she talks about things that seem to her funny but you wouldn't actually think they were funny in real life. With Melinda when she was writing she made me think about how lucky we all are that we are all well fed and not diseased.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you read this book it just might change the way you think about how you live and even if you think that you are the unluckiest person on Earth it'll make you think about how lucky you actually are. I agree with www.teenreads.com who said" One of the year's best books. You will read it in one sitting, fighting back tears as you bite your nails." I wish I didn't have school because then I could have never put it down. You can find the next book The Dead and The Gone in the irresistable series at book stores now.


  1. Good Review =) It sounds good, I got it on my Amazon Wishlist already

  2. Good review.
    I read the first few chapters of The Dead and the Gone, and couldn't finish it. Just wasn't able to get into it.

    In my opinion, the writing was atrocious. There was no flow to the book. Reading what I read was literally frustrating.

    But it sounds like Life as We Knew It has totally different characters than The Dead and the Gone. I may look into it, though if the writing is pretty much the same, I'm not so sure...

  3. The girls name is Miranda, not Melinda.
    And its a veryyyyy good book.(:

  4. ya miranda lol and it is FANTASTIC