Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paradise Lost by Kate Brian

Reed has almost been killed two times. Easton has had 2 deaths so far. It's not like Reed had suspected her best friend and roommate at the moment was the sister of Ariana and a psycho killer. On top of finding out that her best friend is a nutcase she looses her boyfriend Josh and can't seem to stop thinking about him and Ivy. The day of Kiran's birthday party she has a gun pointed at her by none other than Sabine DuLac, right as the gun is fired Josh pushes the gun away from where it is pointed at Reed and ends up pointing it right at Ivy, his girlfriend.

Now, Reed wakes up in the hospital and has to go see Josh, she makes him promise to keep her updated on Ivy's condition when she gets to talk to him. When Reed goes out to talk to Noelle and some other friends that are in the waiting room Noelle tells her that she should go to St Barths with her and the rest of the Billings Girls. Reed agrees.

After a long flight they get there and the island is the most beautiful think that Reed has ever seen. Until she sees Upton Giles who is the finest male in the entire world, not just on the island either. What Reed doesn't understand is why Upton is so interested in her though. Forget about the Upton Games Reed has metaled in the Upton Olympics. Along with Upton comes Poppy the girl that has known him for 18 years and is in love with him, except he doesn't love her back, or does he? Poppy is like one of those girls who thinks if you call someone "my boyfriend" so many times they think that the person is actually going to start believing that he is your boyfriend.

I love this series. It's my favorite series ever. I always tend to like the guy that Reed likes at the moment but I have to say that I liked Josh more than Upton because Josh just seemed so honest and so sweet, where Upton was a player and kind of seemed a little untrustworthy. Reed seemed so much safer with Josh and with Upton she almost died twice.

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  1. this series is so flippen addicting! i can't wait for this book. great post!