Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pretty Little Dirty by Amanda Boyden

Lisa thinks the life of her best friend Celeste is perfect. Sha has two sisters that help show her the way through High School, parents who care, and a big house. Lisa on the other hand has a younger brother who won't be any help guiding her through High School since he hasn't finished the experience yet, a mother who is mute and doesn't leave her room (and ends up going to somewhere with doctors that can take care of her), a father who doesn't really talk with her much, a medium sized house. Lisa pretty much moves in with the Diamonds and soaks in their normal family life of sitting down for dinners and talking.

When Celeste and Lisa go back to the Art Instutute over the summer the get to see Ess and meet Hank. But when the girls go over to Hank's house they get into some pretty bad drugs. They do that stuff pretty much all summer and almost the whole school year.

When the girls go to college they don't stop doing the drugs, the drugs just get worse than they already were. Celeste and Lisa agree to keep contact with eachother and call each other like 6 days a week. Celeste invites Lisa to go to California for Christmas instead of going home to Kansas City. While in California Lisa gets her first taste of how Celeste has been living since the beginning of the year.

I thought it was ok. I didn't like it as much as I like other books, the girls were a little over the top for me. The book was based in the 1970's so the girls weren't as up to date as other girls in books. I almost gave up reading this book a few times. But I can never do that for some strange reason I always want to at least finish it to see how it turns out in the end. So, I didn't really like it but if you want to try reading it go for it but, unless you like books like what I just described, I don't really suggest you read it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saints of Augustine by P.E. Ryan

Charlie Perrin and Sam Findley used to be best friends a little over a year ago until Sam unexpectedly broke it off. Charlie doesn't know what happened, if it was something he did or something that was bound to happen sometime. After Sam and Charlie stopped being friends, Charlie's mom went downhill and eventually died soon after. After the death Charlie got into some bad things and ended up owing $500 to someone he didn't want to owe it to and on top of that his dad stopped going out of the house and drinking constantly at night. And on top of that Kate Bryant, Charlie's girlfriend, doesn't like what he does and can't have a boyfriend who does the things that got him into so much debt.

Sam on the other hand knew why he had to break off his and Chalie's friendship. He kept trying to tell himself that it isn't true and that he can just go back how he was at the snap of a finger. Until he meets Justin, the confident sassy, gay guy? Melissa, Sam's best friend, says that they hit it off when they met. But is Sam ready to "committ to going to Justin's church"? But is Sam more worried about what Teddy, Sam's mom's homophobic boyfriend, will think about his new feelings than what he thinks about them.

Sam and Charlie run into eachother after something horrible happens to each of them. But will Sam want to be friends with Charlie again? Will Charlie even understand why Sam and him had to stop being friends? Will Charlie still want to be friends with Sam? Will Kate and Charlie stay together? Will Kate ever want Charlie back if they don't stay together?

I thought it was an okay book. I liked Charlie's parts but Sam's parts were a little boring for me. I always wanted to know what was going on with Charlie when I read Sam's chapters. P.E. Ryan shows the bond between two guys and the power that their friendship had over them. Even when they hadn't talked to eachother in over a year he shows that there is still some trace of their friendship that they are still willing to try and see if their friendship takes the same turn that it did before.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Soccer, school, etc...

Sorry no posts lately. I've been really busy with middle school soccer and trying (but not succeeding) to get all my school work done.

Soccer news:
So I might have broken a bone in my foot which means I might be out for the rest of the spring season which will really suck so if I am out for the season I'll be pretty much hanging around middle school practices and going to games and going to Teal Wave games, too. I get my MRI Monday to see if it is broken so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I'll get the okay to play from the doctors and I'll be out on the field with the girls soon. Although if I do need to get a cast or whatever then I will still be able to go with the team to away games and cheer my team on to victory. Although I don't think my foot is that bad I have a feeling it is just a tissue bruise.

Book news:
Recently I got and ARC of Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce which is the second book in a series. The first one is Terrier. I haven't gotten Terrier yet but I'm looking forward to getting it so that I can read Bloodhound which I got from Random House (and took forever to get to my house). The book is pretty think but summer is coming up so I'll have plenty of time to read. Also I'd like to say that the book is coming out on the ninth of this month so if you want to get it you can get it in stores that day. Anyway, I'm on page 310 of Pretty Little Dirty and am almost done so that review should be up shortly.

Summer news:
My sister(Hillary) and I are planning on volunteering at the ASPCA to help out with the animals which should be fun. We will get to play with the animals and walk the dogs and do some dirty work and all of this will look good for colleges but that doesn't really matter, I think it would just be nice to help out the cute animals. If that sounds fun to you then you should check out your local animal shelter and volunteer to help out if you have extra time. Also during the summer I'll have soccer camp for the high school and band camp also. Which reminds me there are only 41 days in school left for my district.

So that's about it for now. I'll keep posting as soon as I can. If I don't have time to post I'll try to make time, but if I can't make time then I guess I'll post when I can and read when I can.