Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saints of Augustine by P.E. Ryan

Charlie Perrin and Sam Findley used to be best friends a little over a year ago until Sam unexpectedly broke it off. Charlie doesn't know what happened, if it was something he did or something that was bound to happen sometime. After Sam and Charlie stopped being friends, Charlie's mom went downhill and eventually died soon after. After the death Charlie got into some bad things and ended up owing $500 to someone he didn't want to owe it to and on top of that his dad stopped going out of the house and drinking constantly at night. And on top of that Kate Bryant, Charlie's girlfriend, doesn't like what he does and can't have a boyfriend who does the things that got him into so much debt.

Sam on the other hand knew why he had to break off his and Chalie's friendship. He kept trying to tell himself that it isn't true and that he can just go back how he was at the snap of a finger. Until he meets Justin, the confident sassy, gay guy? Melissa, Sam's best friend, says that they hit it off when they met. But is Sam ready to "committ to going to Justin's church"? But is Sam more worried about what Teddy, Sam's mom's homophobic boyfriend, will think about his new feelings than what he thinks about them.

Sam and Charlie run into eachother after something horrible happens to each of them. But will Sam want to be friends with Charlie again? Will Charlie even understand why Sam and him had to stop being friends? Will Charlie still want to be friends with Sam? Will Kate and Charlie stay together? Will Kate ever want Charlie back if they don't stay together?

I thought it was an okay book. I liked Charlie's parts but Sam's parts were a little boring for me. I always wanted to know what was going on with Charlie when I read Sam's chapters. P.E. Ryan shows the bond between two guys and the power that their friendship had over them. Even when they hadn't talked to eachother in over a year he shows that there is still some trace of their friendship that they are still willing to try and see if their friendship takes the same turn that it did before.

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  1. I like the cover for this book. It sounds kind of interesting. I might just need to read it. Also, there is an award for you at my blog!