Monday, May 25, 2009

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

Cannie Shapiro settled into anonymously writing the Star Girl series in her townhouse in Philadelphia, starring the kick butt character Lyla Dare, after writing a fictionalized version of her own life. She settled into a life of watching her daughter Joy's drama rehersals and taking yoga classes. To Cannie everything seems right when they start preperations for Joy's bat mitzvah. Cannie is happily married to Peter Krushelevansky.

On the other hand, in Joy's world she is sick of her overbearing mom watching her constantly and not allowing her to do things like dress like the rest of the girls at school or straighten her hair. Also on thop of having an overbearing mom, she finds out that her mom wrote a book and it's not the most appropriate book. Joy finds this book so overwhelming that she has to black out some of the pages in the book.

Peter wants a baby. The search for a surrogate soon begins when they figure out everything. When they find Betsy, who gave birth to a baby for a gay couple and has done this before, they know that she would be a great person to help them. Betsy is a nurse and is married with 2 little boys.

I thought this book was good. It is an adult novel but I recommend it. Jennifer Weiner captures the mother-daughter relationship almost perfectly. Joy is like any typical teenage girl who is annoyed by her mom and doesn't want her constantly butting into her life. Although Cannie is totally oblivious to why Joy is acting so weird and what she is doing wrong. If it weren't for the novel that Cannie wrote in this i bet most girls would be able to relate to this book.


  1. I loved her first book Good in Bed. I really need to check this one out.

  2. I agree with Carrie!! I didn't read the review because I don't want spoilers. I'm so envious that you've already read this book :)