Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kissing Snowflakes by Abby Sher

Sam's dad remarried Kathy and now Sam and her brother Jeremy are on their honeymoon with them because her dad wants Kathy and Sam and Jeremy to bond. There is one little problem though, they are honeymooning in Burlington, Vermont at a ski resort and Sam doesn't know how to ski and she doesn't particularly want to learn either. Until she meets Drew and the other people in his ski class.

Drew is a ski instructor who went on the trails in the Olympics and has all the girls swooning over him. Sam sucks at skiing, she can't seem to get the foot work right and she keeps falling. Drew suggests a little one on one time and teaches Sam how to ski and how to kiss.

There is also that "creepy" guy, Eric who Sam keeps running into and not on purpose. Eric helps Sam through some sticky situations like when she got mad and went down the trickiest slope on the mountain.

Will Sam choose Drew? What about Eric? Will Sam and Eric become friends? Will they become more? Will Sam and Drew be friends after she leaves? Read this book to find out if any of these things happen.

I thought this book was good it was interesting how the author portrayed Sam trying to choose between the two guys and figure out what was going on with her and her best friend, Pheobe, and trying to cope with having to deal with a new stepmom. I thought it really did sound like a girl's, who was having a major turning point i guess you could say, thoughts and how they can be everywhere at once but in one second if she finds her "snowflake to kiss" her mind would go straight to him sometimes. Overall it was a good book. I also liked the cover. This book is 266 pages and was really good. So if you liked how it sounded then go out and buy it.


  1. Great review! I also love the cover.

  2. Sounds good! I cant wait to read this one! My friend bought it and has yet to read it.... therefore I have yet to read it :D but it sounds great!