Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tallulah Falls by Christine Fletcher

Why did Derek leave her alone in the hotel room? He took all her money except about a dollar. The worst thing was that she would never get to Maeve without money, food, comfortable shoes, or help.

All Tallulah had was a duffel bag of clothes and not even a dollar in change. She didn't even think to bring her sneakers she just thought that the boots would look so much cuter. Tallulah could only bring one pair of shoes so she had to pick one and she picked the wrong pair. Tallulah is stuck hitchhiking to get to Florida after Derek ditches her at the hotel and robs her in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee.

I have to get to Maeve. She needs these journals and me in Florida not Tennessee.
*Frantic phone calls to Maeve*
I'm stuck in Tennessee and I'm in jail! Come get me, come help me.

It's been over a week and no Maeve. After working at the vet's office for Dr. Poteet cleaning the cages isn't getting any better.

Tallulah and Maeve have been best friends since the motorcycle show. Debbie wasdaring but not very smart. Putting a knife down your shirt isn't the smartest thing, but why did Maeve come to Debbie's rescue when they didn't even know each other? Maeve kept calling Debbie this different name though, Tallulah. Maeve said "Trust me, it is" whenn Debbie tried to tell her that her name wasn't Tallulah and after being around Maeve for so long the name just stuck. Tallulah Addy.

Maeve might never show up. Tallulah can't stand to think that her best friend would just abandon her and leave her in Tennessee. Does Maeve even care? Why would she not want her precious journals? What is going on? Does Ruth even mind having Tallulah skeep on her pull out couch? How will Kile feel after Tallulah is gone?

I thought this book was ok, a little depressing though. When animals die in the book it kind of sad and when Tallulah runs into a little trouble on the road it is also really sad. I know she runs into trouble on the road doesn't sound sad but if you read the book you will realize why I mean that it is kind of sad and shocking. Tallulah is a very determined and strong character. She never gives up the hope that Maeve is going to come help her. At least she doesn't give it up until she figures out that she doesn't want Maeve to come get her. Tallulah may not be book smart but she finds ways to help people on the street. Tallulah is very brave and she could do anything that she set her mind to. I thought the book was ok, not an absolute have to read but a good read nonetheless. I found Tallulah Falls in a discount bookstore, I think we only paid about $3 for it so it was worth the $3 but like I said not an absolute must read. I like the cover for the hard cover (the blue one) but I think I like the cover for the parerback better.

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  1. This sounds like a great read, I will have to check it out!