Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Laurel has a normal if not perfect life. Her skin looks airbrushed and she has never had a blemish on her face. Until she starts going to public school after being home-schooled for so long. Laurel makes friends pretty easily. David is the sweetest, he asks her to eat lunch with him and when she says she wants to eat outside she eats with him.

Although when David asks her to go to the beach with him she can't because there is a softball sized zit on her back! What comes out of the zit isn't normal though. It's a flower, a beautiful growth that she has to hide from everyone but David and others of her kind. It takes Laurel a little while to actually believe that she isn't a person but a plant and that she is a faerie. How could this happen? Also there is something completely creepy about the guy that her mom is going to sell the land to.

Will Laurel ever figure out why the guy is so creepy? Will Laurel ever get to let her blossom out in public so everyone can see just how beautiful she really is? Is all of this the reason for her strange eating habits? Could it get anymore confusing?

I loved this book. I'm a little biased because the main character has the same name as me but it was a great book anyway. I liked that it wasn't just your typical faerie story but it was kind of saying that all other faerie stories were nonsense. It wasn't to imaginary though. I mean the plant thing probably wouldn't happen but anything else probably could. You can find Wings in bookstores now. Go out and get it.


  1. I've seen lots of great reviews for this book, I think I'm going to have to add it to the WishList!!! :)

  2. I loved this book. I thought it was really well written and a lot of fun. Great review!!