Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Band: Trading Guys by Debra Garfinkle

Tracie Lily Mark Sienna and George's band, Amber Road, is finally making it big. At least they think they are until something major happens after the audition at Waves. Amber Road goes out to the beach to celebrate. Aaron, Lily's brother, brings some beer. When Lily suggests that they all do a boyfriend swap after George leaves things really start to get messed up. Lily takes Mark, Sienna's boyfriend, Aaron takes Tracie, Carter's girlfriend, and Sienna and Carter stuck together and they really don't want to do anything since they might have just lost their boyfriend/girlfriend.

The thing is that this whole thing turns into a permanent thing and not just a fun little game to spend the night with someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend. Everything turns upside down and the friendships in the band might be lost. Sienna is still hoping that Mark still likes her until she is told that he doesn't. Carter still has hope for him and Tracie until he knows that she doesn't want him anymore when she breaks up with him for the two-timing Aaron. George really isn't in any of the drama because he left early and he is trying to get all of his band mates to lighten up and stop being so depressed. Tracie might be getting kicked out because of Aaron.

All that could go wrong has went wrong and none of the bandmates know if anything can be undone. None of them know if they are ever going to get their chance to be famous. No one in the band even knows who Amber road is and why their band is named after her.

Will Amber Road make it or will they crash and burn? Will anyone other than Mark figure out who Amber is or what happened to her? Will the bandmates stay friends? Will Carter and Sienna get over their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?

I thought this book was okay. I kind of compared it to So Lyrical and Overnight Sensation by Trish Cook. Although I thought that the ones by Trish Cook were betterbecause they weren't just a bunch of people fighting over a bunch of guys/girls. Actually the "funny" thing is they are pretty much the same story. The main character even has the same name. I wonder if the authors even noticed that they had almost the same book with an alike storyline and the same character name. Seems kind of fishy if you ask me. The funny thing is that I bought the first one in the series of both of these series at the same time at the same place. Usually I don't compare books to other books but this one and So Lyrical were so much a like I really couldn't not compare them.

I have the whole series which is three books and follows Amber Road on their journey (at least that's what I'm expecting because well it is a book entitled The Band. I don't think it rated very high for me because I felt like I had read the story before but without so many people. Personally I don't recommend it because I just didn't find it that interesting because it was just a bunch of people fighting and they used the term "make love" a lot which I hate that term don't you why don't you just come out and say what it is called. I think that the term "making love" is completely creepy. Don't you guys? Anyways I recommend So Lyrical over The Band because So Lyrical is about two people who fall for each other and Trace who is in search of her long lost dad who she has never met. Overall I think it's a good storyline and everything even though I might not have done a very good job explaining that book.

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