Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dreams or Beauty by Aubrie Dionne

Emme is 20 years old and she still hasn't found the thing that she is "meant to do". Everyone around Emme knows what they are supposed to do even Jack and Stella her two best friends who are a year older than her. Thomas and Laura, Emme's brother and sister-in-law have been taking care of her since she was an infant and her parents died in a carriage accident.

Lets rewind time. Five years ago Stella, Jack, and Emme traveled through the woods. It started raining and The children, then fifteen, decided to go to the Hawthorne Estate for protection. They hid under the porch until Jack and Stella decided to go into the house to check things out. Legend has it that Davian Hawthorne, the man who lived in the estate, was cursed by a sorceress and disappeared for over a century. Emme is intrigued by the fabulous portrait of the young man. He was very handsome.

Fastforward five years and Emme has been having these dreams about Davian Hawthorne. When she sees Rosalie Hawthorne, Davian's neice, at the Harvest Celebration she wants to go and talk to her. And she gets the perfect chance when she finds something of Rosalie's that she has to return to her. Turns out Lilly,Rosalie's mother, is Davian's little sister who was about ten when he disappeared. Lilly is over a hundred years old by the time that Emme meets her but she just might be one of the only ways to get to where Davian is and find him and save Briarswood from Rosalie's wrath.

Emme goes on a journey to find Davian to save the town. Davian might just be the love of her life though. So really she is saving the town and herself. The journey is a long and treacherous one but Emme is determined to get to Davian in time before Lilly dies and Rosalie inherits the estate which turns out to be all of Briarswood and sells it so that factories can be built and homes can be torn down.

Will Emme find Davian? Will Davian fall for her like she fell for him? What will happen to Rosalie? Will Emme ever find out what happened to her parents and why they died? Will Emme get Davian back in time to save Briarswood and Lilly? Will Emme find out where Malicene went?

I thought this was a good book. Although it isn't out in paperback yet so you would have to get it online if you wanted to read it that's really one of the only downside to this book. Also the author is very nice and she very generously gave me an e-book of Dreams of Beauty and Voices of Ire which I'm also excited to read. Thanks Aubrie! I really enjoyed this book. It was placed in a time where they used carriages instead of cars to get places. Emme was a great character. Also if it weren't for Stella and Jack getting Emme to go into the Hawthorne Estate and see Davian's portrait she would have never known where to find him and Briarswood would have been filled with factories instead of residents and stores.

This book was 103 pages. I would read it again if I didn't have a whole pile of books to read. So I guess I'm kind of saying that I recommend it. Aubrie has also written several other books. Such as Voices of Ire, Night Dance, and Messanger in the Mist (which I'm excited to read). She also wrote several short stories, such as the Seasons of Fantasy series and the Carnival of Illusions series. Check out Aubrie's blog at http://authoraubrie.blogspot.com/ or under my stalkers column, her name on that is Aubrie.

Also if you comment on this post you will be entered into a drawing to win Aubrie's book, Dreams of Beauty. Although it is in pdf form [on the computer/e-book] because it isn't out in paperback. It was a very quick read even though it was on the computer. All you have to do is comment and you will be entered in a drawing the only thing I must stress is you need to put your e-mail in the comment! You will not be entered in the contest if you don't put your valid e-mail address! Good luck everyone!

The contest ends on July 6th.
We will choose the winner on July 7th. The winner will be e-mailed a congratulatory notification and then will be e-mailed the e-book. I will also post on my blog who the winner is.

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