Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Times!

I just finished Beautiful Disaster By Kate Brian and I loved it! Anyway though I just figured out that two books by her are coming out around my birthday! Suspicion [Private Series] is coming out on October 8th, 10 days before my birthday not even two weeks! Also Perfect Mistake [Privilege Series] is coming out on the 27th , 8 days after my birthday! I'm sure that I won't have any trouble finding something to spend my birthday money on. Maybe someone will even get me a Borders giftcard for my birthday. That would be awesome. Anyway I still have a little time before my birthday but I'm already planning how I'm going to spend the money. Wow!

Also the month before my birthday Werewolf Dreams comes out! Also the release of that novel calls for a massive contest. Also I recently was told by the author Maria, M.M. Anderson, that she is working on the second in the series! More hot werewolf guys! *sigh* More muscles!

Which reminds me New Moon comes out in theaters in November! Taylor Lautner with his shirt off! He's so muscular. Also he's so much cuter with short hair! I've been on Team Jacob forever, but now all the girls see why I was. They called him ugly since he had long hair! How dare they! Now they see it was only a wig and that he is so hot. Lets hope there is a lot of Jacob with his shirt off in the movie. *sigh*

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  1. You're such a dork. Teehee. But you forgot to mention that I'll totally be able to PLAY SOCCER AGAIN in NOVEMBER which means that it'll be the BEST TIME EVER, since I get SOCCER + TAYLOR'S ABS!

    Unless Privilege #2 is good, then I hate that series. #1 was more psycho than suspenseful so I'm not really diggin' it yet.