Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Heather Hepler & Brad Barkley

Calliope, or Cal as she calls herself, doesn't want to move again. Every time they move she has to leave her favorite things behind. What's all this for though? Delores, Cal's mom, doesn't like to be at one place all the time, she doesn't have a steady job, and she and Cal left Cal's dad years ago. Delores decides to go to North Carolina to work at a Renaissance Faire. Cal thinks that this place is going to be just like all the others but it just might turn out to be different.

Eliot is the son of the owner of the fat camp. Well actually it's a christian fat camp. The campers go there to pray and learn about god while they learn to loose weight and control their diet. Eliot doesn't really like it there because they had to move away from the beach where he used to live before The Dad go in touch with God.

Eliot has been doing pick ups in the camp van when he sees Cal for the first time. For some reason he feels that he already knows her and has for his whole life. Even though he has never met her before. Cal and Eliot have an immediate connection. The two might just have to face some of the hardest changes of their lives when Cal's mom decides to move again and Eliot's father's obsession changes Eliot's family's lives forever. This might be the only chance that either gets at true love and two people could ruin things forever.

I thought this book was very good. I was looking at it on the shelf at Borders for a while and I'm glad I finally decided to buy it. The writing was very fluid. Both authors did very well when they tried to capture all of the little things that make someone fall in love. I'm definately going to keep reading books by these two authors. I think that the two seem like a great combination. If this book is any indication of what they have already written and what's to come I'll be happy to keep buying their books.

I really couldn't decide which character was my favorite. Eliot seemed like a great sweet guy. Even though he embarassed himself he kept going and never gave up. Then there's Cal who you can't help but feel bad for, she never stays in one place for too long, it's got to be a hard thing to just drop all of your favorite things and leave. Then again she is so strong because she knows there is a big chance that she is going to move again but she lets herself like Eliot even though she might have to leave him when Delores decides she wants to leave. Both of the characters are brave and determined to be together.

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