Thursday, July 30, 2009

Terrier by Tamora Pierce

246 H.E.
Beka Cooper is a trainee in the provost's guard. Beka is a puppy but soon she will become a dog as long as she watches her back and doesn't get killed by any rats. Pounce her cat can talk to her and she and Pounce watch the lower city with the other dogs and puppies. Goodwin and Tunstall, Beka's dogs, train Beka on the streets. Goodwin is a tough dog and so is Tunstall and they are both senior dogs. Beka is the "pet" of Lord Gershom.

All Beka wants to do is chase rats and catch them so that they can go to the kennels and get what they deserve. Two cases catch Beka's the most though. The Shadow snake has been taking children for years. He asks for valuable items, if you leave the item he asks for you get your little one back if not he kills the poor kid. This huge issue of the Shadow Snake was always a tale that mothers told to their children adn "threatened" then with. Saying "If you don't sleep the Shadow Snake will come get you." Beka never knew this was happening in the Cesspool until Tansy Lofts, a friend of Beka's since she grew up in the Cesspool and then moved into Lord Gershom's house, had her young Rolond taken. All the Shadow Snake wanted was the very valuable fire opals that can be found in the Lower City even in the Cesspool. Crookshank, Tansy's grandfather-in-law and a big rat, never gave up the fire opals and caused young Rolond to die. Beka wants to save all the future kids from being murdered and get back at the Shadow Snake for Tansy and all the other mothers and fathers.

The other thing that catches Beka's eye is the Opal Murders. Beka can speak to the dead who have unfinished business, through pigeons, and several of them are complaining of getting work and not knowing where and being killed. Beka wants to make it all right before anyone else is killed but she can't be sure that that will happen.

Will Beka ever catch the Shadow Snake? Will she find the person in charge of the Opal Murders? This is the beginning of the story of Beka Cooper.

I loved this book. It's 581 pages long but it didn't take very long to read it. I read it in about five days. Beka was a great character. I just read the second one so the review for that one will be up soon. I loved them both. Beka's a hard working dog who just happens to love what she does. Especially when she goes on wild goosechases to get rats who need to be caged. Beka cracks skulls with her baton. Let me tell you I would never want to cross Beka. She's fearless.

I'm looking forward to the series continuing. I'm also going to read Tamora's other books. One that is about a desendant of Beka's named Aly. I think that will be good, too. I really wish the next book was out already. Even though the book is a bit of a fantasy it wasn't bad. Almost all of the stuff that happened in the book could have happened, long ago of course. The book cover was a bit shiney and metallic but I though it was nice that they added the pigeons into the background since they are a big part of the story.

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