Friday, July 10, 2009

Running with Werewolves Contest

Want to Run with the big dogs?

Now's your chance! You can win a personalized copy o
f M.M. Anderson's debut novel Werewolf Dreams by correctly solving 10 mind-bending chapter riddles! We all know the bestselling vampire/werewolf series Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, with super hunky werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) who looks muscular like always in the picture to the left. How would you guys like a book where the characters are based on the hunky, rough, tousled guys that are our werewolves! Well now you have it. Maria portrays the anger and the feelings of the forever seventeen werewolf very well. These hot, and I mean hot, victims of fierce bitings are strong powerful "men" with a bad temper. I wouldn't get on their bad side if I were you.


There's more than one way to win. The word riddle winner will receive a personalized copy and second and third place will get an e-book of Werewolf Dreams. Enter a share with your friends drawing to win an autographed copy of Werewolf Dreams.


To be included in the extra drawing you have to do one of the things that I am going to post. If you post about the drawing in one place more than once only one will be counted. The only exception is Blogger and anywhere that you can post and put a side bar. Also if you don't post the location of the post it will not be counted. You must post a comment with your e-mail address in it if you want to be entered. The only exception I have for this is if you can't post a comment using the tiny boxes please feel free to e-mail me. I still have your e-mail that way. My e-mail is: (yareviewsbylaurel[at]hotmail[dot]com)

Share With Your Friends Drawing:

+1 Leave a comment with your e-mail address.
+1 Become a follower or let me know if you are already one.

+1 Post this contest on a sidebar on your blog.
+1 Post about this contest on other sites. (Facebook, MySpace, Gather, Twitter, Random Buzz, etc...) [+1 for each post up to one per site]
+1 Come up with a question for Maria for the interview. [+1 for each question up to two questions]
Each point must have a link.

Chapter Rid
You will get ten riddles from the chapter that I just posted. One chapter riddle will be posted each day for ten days. You have two weeks to do all of the puzzles.
The first one in with the most right will win a personalized copy of Werewolf Dreams by M.M. Anderson. Second and third place will win an e-book.
An Example of the brain teasing riddles:
Professional Football Teams
Army Bugs

GI [army] ANTS [bugs]
GIANTS Get it?

Your first chapter riddle is:

Not quite across town, where the flowers grow and autos shift into top gear.

Send your answers to the riddles to my e-mail address: yareviewsbylaurel[at]hotmail[dot]com

Thanks Lisa for bringing this to my attention even if it was unintentional! I don't want any cheaters! The only thing you can post is your entries for the drawing and if you don't feel comfortable putting your drawing entry on the post feel free to send it in an e-mail!


  1. Hi Laurel!
    Ok, so here is my email adress:
    I posted a link to this contest on FB;
    I alos am now follwing your blog (Lisa Mason)
    and I will post my answer to the first riddle as soon as I figure it out!

  2. Oh, enter me please. I do not like leaving my email for everyone to read. My blog is or my goodreads account is here

    Let me know if this will work.

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  4. E-mail:

    I became a follower, profile:

    I posted about this contest on . . .

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  6. I have a question for Maria. Are you currently working on any new books? Is this a "stand alone" or will you be adding more, making it a series? Thanks. Lisa

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