Friday, July 24, 2009

Werewolf Dreams by M.M. Anderson

Seamus Sullivan used to be a wild child. He never wanted to be a werewolf. He never thought he would work for the New City Police Department. Seamus has been shot thrown out buildings and just about anything you can think of. Although the difference between Seamus and any other office is very big. Seamus can't die. Well actually he is dead already, undead. Wherever Seamus gets hurt his mysterious dog shows up. At least that's what the newspapers think. No one knows that the mysterious big dog is Seamus.

On top of being a police officer, Seamus always seems to see this phantom woman whenever he makes a kill. Seamus doesn't know that his phantom woman is actually Claudia Peña. Seamus takes her out on a date. He doesn't know that this date could cause him to loose his motorcycle and Claudia. He doesn't know that he might be meeting more werewolves and he might have to fight alongside them. Claudia is trapped in a tomb while Seamus is left to walk or steal a car to get home. Claudia only wants out. She is deterrmined to get back to Seamus as quickly as she can. Even if it means breaking out and ruining her clothes. Claudia is trapped in the tomb for a reason, to make sure that Seamus doesn't get distracted while he is fighting and so that she doesn't get hurt.

Will Claudia find a way out? Will Seamus and the werewolves win? Who are they battling anyway? Want to find out all you have to do is buy Werwwolf Dreams in September.

I really liked this book. Seamus is a guy that a lot of girls would want. Too bad Claudia gets him. The werewolves in this and all other werewolf books really raise the standards that girls already have for boys. They are just so sweet and strong and even though they smell like wet dog they are just irresistable. We all know how some people think of werewolves as bad, but let face it in most werewolf books, the werewolves are the good guys. I mean sure they kill but at least it's for a reason.

I liked how the chapters went between Claudia and Seamus and everything wasn't for just one point of view but two. You get to see what Seamus thinks and then you see what Claudia thinks. I'm very excited for the next book in the series, Werewolf Love:Until Death Do Us Part. M.M. Anderson is a great writer. Some nights I would stay up until 2 A.M. and still wanted to keep reading. I guess that shows you that it's a very good book. You can get Werewolf Dreams in book stores in September. Or you can go online to Amazon and pre-order it now.

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