Friday, August 21, 2009

Author Interview - M.M. Anderson

1) What inspired you to write “Werewolf Dreams”?

My father was a New York City police officer. He was a handsome, baby-faced, hairy-chested, former middleweight boxer who had a witty-playful sense of humor, whose principles were honor, courage , and commitment. My dad adored his family, hated bullies, and he believed that kindness is too often confused with weakness.

In 1992 my dad was off duty when he happened upon a robbery in progress at a Radio Shack in Manhattan. He came to the aide of the store manager and customers, but sadly was killed in an ensuing gun battle. Being an author, I wanted to write a tribute to my dad. However, for a long while everything I penned came across as final and morose. For me my dad will always be very much alive, in my heart and in my actions. So I decided to honor my dad’s spirit. I made him an undead werewolf, and Seamus was born. However, the inspiration didn’t stop there. Werewolf Dreams has an ensemble cast. The book is full of memorable characters, characters inspired by real life people. Beware: anyone I cross paths with could potentially be my next muse… :~)

2) You are a young adult author. Did you choose this genre or did it choose you?

The genre chose me. When I first began sending Werewolf Dreams out to agents and publishers I assumed it was an adult novel, since there’s a whole lot of humorous gore in my book. I was, however, told that my situations and characters were “too wholesome” to be adult and either I should add more “titillating” situations or it was suggested that I explore YA. So glad I listened to that sage advise. I was able to keep my story in tact, and YA brought me into contact with an audience that’s so wonderfully full of enthusiasm. I’m here (YA) to stay!

3) What’s the main message you want readers to take away from book?

I want my readers to know that just like Seamus, they are worthy. It isn’t easy to be a teen. I’ve been there done that, and my children are now approaching the teen years so I get to see the angst from another vantage point. I want my children and my readers to remember that we all have gifts and talents, and just because we aren’t perfect, that doesn’t me we aren’t good enough to be part of a cool, select, winning team. In Seamus’s case, that team is the Hounds of the Gods!

4) Can readers expect more books written by you in the future?

Yes. I am presently working on Werewolf Love: Until Death Do Us Part. WD fans will learn much more about Sevlow in book two. Readers can sample the first chapter of book two at the end of Werewolf Dreams, an exciting teaser. :~) I also have a third Werewolf book outlined. It’s my plan to pen as many adventures of Seamus, Claudia, and the gang as my readers can stand!

5) When will “The Werewolf Dreams” be released?

I am happy to announce that Werewolf Dreams will be published and available on September 1, 2009. Pre-orders are available via

6) Do you have a website for teens/readers to follow the characters from “Werewolf Dreams”? Or to follow you as an author?

I welcome teens/readers to chat with me, friend me, and follow my characters via any or all of these sites:

Thanks to Maria for sending me my free autographed copy and for working with me to do the fabulous contest that we had a while ago and for taking to time to answer questions. I'm looking forward to her next book Werewolf Love: Until Death Do Us Part and the third in Maria's debut series. If you walk into a Barnes & Noble be sure to request this book. It's also available on You can read my review one of the August posts. You can also check out A Life Bound By Books to read Lisa's, the winner of the contest, review.

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