Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

Beka's journey continues in the second story. Now Beka is a dog. She has been one for five months. Already she has got a scent and she wants to sink her teeth into it. Beka has become friends with the Rogue of Corus, the king/queen of thieves, Rosto the Piper. Well, actually she has been friends with him since she was a puppy. She is also friends with Aniki and Kora who came to Corus with Rosto. Now all three of them are her room mates and Ersken is, too since he is with Kora.

Beka has the scent of a colemonger, the person who makes coles[fake coins] counterfeiter,the colemonger has spread coles all over in Corus's silver. Covering bronze piences with smuggled silver. Why would anyone do something like that? If they just wanted to get rich why not just steal the money instead of making the money worth almost nothing by spreading coles and causing prices to raise. Especially with Winter on the way.

Beka gets sent to Port Caynn to figure out what is going on since they are sure the coles are coming for Port Caynn. Beka and Goodwin go to Port Caynn to fix the problem. Tunstall can't go because he is in bed for almost two weeks because he got both of his legs broken during the Bread Riot. Beka on the other hand can go since her body hasn't had that much healing done by mages. When Beka walked out of her house to go somewhere she was attacked by two rats because she took their brother. Lucky for Beka she was young. Achoo also goes with Beka and Goodwin although Pounce is left behind because he has to take care of business. Achoo is a scent hound. The person that dumped Achoo on Beka abused her and he didn't let her have any fun now that Beka has Achoo she brings Schoo along on the trip. Who would have though Achoo would be a huge help. Expecially since Beka's only training as a handler was with Phelan who was her former handler,not the one who abused her.

Beka and Dale, one of the people to help her out at the bread riot, spend a lot of time together while she is in Port Caynn. Beka becomes close with several people and becomes enemies witha lot of people. Especially rats. Follow Beka on her journey through Port Caynn to find the colemorgers.

This book was great just as I said the first one was. Beka is one scarey girl. I wouldn't want to get into her way. The people Beka meets along the way are described very well. She gives all the details of what they look like and can also guess the age of the people. I guess that would come i handy to be a dog. I think Beka is an interesting character. She would rather be cracking skulls than sewing like the Lady would want her to do but she loves what she does even if the Lady doesn't. Beka isn't one of those girls that always needs a man, although she could have Rosto or Dale she doesn't need them. Although she does enjoy their company.

As I said in my review of the first book I'm looking forward to the third book. Hopefully Tamora is continuing the series. If there isn't a third book in the series I'm going to read the others be Tamora Pierce. Although I will be reading them even if there will be a third book in the series. You can find Bloodhound and Terrier in bookstores now. Terrier is 581 pages and I read it in five days. Bloodhound is 576 pages and I read it in two days. Although my ARC of Bloodhound was actually 531 pages because of an accidental reprint of some of the chapters at the end of the book. Oh well, I was going to buy a normal copy anyway.

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