Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Market by J.M. Steele

Kate Winthrop- 71

Kate doesn't know about the market. That is until Gretchen tells her she is number 71. Horrified by her ranking Kate sets out to rise to the top and be the late bloomer. She enlists the help of her two best friends, Dev and Callie, to help her get too "Blue Chip" status.

Kate starts by getting a whole new wardrobe. All new vintage clothes are sure to help her along the way. To give her an even more edgy look she decides to change her name to Kat. All Kate needs to do now is get into the Proud Crowd and get one of those shiny "P" necklaces.

Armed with a new wardrobe, new haircut, and a new name Kate gets ready to take Millbank high and the Millbank Social Stock Market by storm. Let's just hope she doesn't get so obsessed that she forgets who her real friends are.

I thought this book was good. It was a very original idea. It's not about a popular girl. It's not a love story. It's about an unpopular girl and her climb to popularity. But is popularity really worth loosing your best friends and everything else? I don't think it is. Some people sacrifice their personal style to be cool and I think that this is what this book tried to address. Having all that stuff won't be worth much if you don't have anyone who really likes you to share it with. You can buy The Market at Borders or other book stores.


  1. This sounds really good and I love the cover. Thanks for the review. :D

  2. There is also a cute hardcover copy, but I prefer the paperback.