Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

It's Logan's 17th birthday. He has a crucial gig with his band. Afterward Aura plans for this to be his best birthday ever, with an intimate night planned and a huge party at his house. How could she ever know this night would result in Logan's death?

Aura Salva
tore can see ghosts. She's 16. She's a post-shifter. She's only post-shift by one minute. She was born on the day that everything changed, December 21st, did her birth start something huge?

Ghosts d
on't scare her, they mostly annoy her, until her boyfriend turns into a ghost. He still hangs around and talks to her, he's almost as real as if he were alive, except for his violet glow that is and the fact that she can't touch him and he can't touch her.

Aura's relationships grow even more complicated as she becomes friends with Zachary Moore, Aura's Scottish partner for her thesis. Zachary is pre-shift. Only by a minute though. Logan starts to become jealous about this. On top of everything, Logan's family is filing a HUGE law-suit. Maybe a law-suit will help Logan pass on, maybe not.

I read this and I loved it. I think it was written very well. There were a lot of interesting parts in it. It caught my attention in the beginning and I honestly loved it from beginning to end. It seems to me like maybe there would be another to go along, possibly a series. It left me wanting more. I finished it and thought I really want to know what happens next. The only way I can think to compare it is to the Private series, the ending in Shade left you wanting more just like the ending in the Private books. I'm really looking forward to reading more from this author.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster Publishing and Vanessa Williams for sending me my ARC of Shade. I'll be having a contest later in the month. I recommend you either enter or go out and buy it. I loved it. Also my ARC copy came in this adorable red ribbon, which I loved. The cover is also really cute. Again keep your eye out for my contest.